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Minister of Agriculture: ‘Apple Prices Are Too Low, The Prices Should Be Higher’
moroccoworldnews: maandag 14 oktober 13:44 2019
Rabat – Morocco’s minister of fisheries and agriculture, Aziz Akhannouch , visited the National Apple Fair in Midelt , central Morocco, on Thursday, October 10. Footage documenting the minister’s visit shows him jokingly telling the governor of Midelt’s province, Mustapha Nouhi, that the prices of apples are “too low.....
Central Turkey had their most productive apple season in ten years
foodmate: maandag 14 oktober 08:21 2019
Yahyali, Kayseri, a city located in Central Turkey, is one of the most important apple producers in the country. The district is having the most productive season of the past 10 years and the farmers are very happy with the high productivity this year.....
Most fruits, vegetables not available at weekly makeshift markets
thenews-pk: maandag 14 oktober 03:57 2019
LAHORE:Surprise visit of the Lahore Deputy Commissioner Asghar Joiya along with AC Model Town proved futile as the missing vegetables on account of wrong pricing issue could not be available besides sale of lower grade items at A-grade price. This week DC visited Shadman weekly makeshift market and........
Not so peachy for Pakistan’s peach growers
tribune: zondag 13 oktober 10:15 2019
PESHAWAR: The mango may be Pakistan’s preferred fruit heavyweight, but the peach is no slouch either, at least in the country’s northern and northwestern regions. Its popularity in those parts is best summed up by a well-known Pashto saying “If the cost of your friendship is a peach, then I forsake your friendship.....
The 11 most popular types of fruit in Germany
foodmate: zaterdag 12 oktober 09:24 2019
Fresh fruit is not only healthy but delicious as well. According to the Federal Office for Food and Agriculture, the Germans consume as much as 69.5 kilograms of fruit per year per person. The sales figures of fresh fruit and market fruit sales are regularly evaluated to calculate the per capita consumption in Germany based on this.....
Government revises prices for apples in India
foodmate: vrijdag 11 oktober 07:34 2019
Core Tip: Today, the Jammu Department of Horticulture, Planning and Marketing revised the prices for apples according to the fruit grade and type of packaging material under Market Intervention Scheme (MIS). Today, the Jammu Department of Horticulture, Planning and Marketing revised the prices for........
Don't feed your dogs these foods
qt: vrijdag 11 oktober 03:43 2019
We often hear horror stories of what dogs have managed to find and eat - from socks and underwear to knives and fish hooks, and more everyday foods such as bananas, apples and grapes. Some human food can be just as traumatic to a dog as a fish hook, leaving many unsuspecting owners at a loss.....
Why you shouldn’t feed dogs this food
heraldsun: vrijdag 11 oktober 03:08 2019
Some human food can be just as traumatic to a dog as a fish hook, leaving many unsuspecting owners at a loss. Dr Gerardo Poli of the Animal Emergency Service said toxicity could come in two forms. “First, from rotten food causing food poisoning — this is where rotting food contains bacterial or........
Why you shouldn’t feed dogs this food
news_com_au: vrijdag 11 oktober 02:59 2019
Ingestion can cause stomach upset in dogs as it contains a toxic agent known as persin. The seed is the most dangerous as it can cause intestinal blockages that may require surgery to remove. Luckily, this type of poisoning is quite rare in dogs. WHAT ELSE IS BAD? Macadamia nuts are by far the........
Kashmir's rich apple harvest comes as unexpectedly sweet news for Centre, arrivals pick up at Azadpur mandi
firstpost: donderdag 10 oktober 12:39 2019
New Delhi: Kashmir's apple harvest is expected to match production in 2017-2018, say figures released this week by the Jammu and Kashmir government's horticulture department — belying fears that anger against the Centre's decision to end the state's special status, as well as labour shortages and........
2018 net fresh fruit imports for Singapore totaled $528 million
foodmate: donderdag 10 oktober 07:40 2019
USDA Report on retail foods in Singapore shows that the net fresh fruit imports for 2018 came out to $528 million. The top four major supply sources for Singapore were Malaysia (14%), United States (13%), China (12%), and Australia (11%). Singapore produces very little fresh fruit. Top U.S.....
Apple economy: Expectations belied
expressindia: donderdag 10 oktober 05:04 2019
Apple growers say rates crashed around mid-September. For Himachal Pradesh’s apple growers, this should have been the best possible year. Favourable weather — an extended winter and good snowfall necessary to meet the minimum chill hours for the fruit-bearing trees to blossom — promised a bumper harvest.....
European Commission: Milk Collection Up in 2019, Beef Production Down
thecattlesite: donderdag 10 oktober 03:54 2019
EU - EU milk collection should slightly grow in 2019, while gross beef production is expected to decline, according to the the European Commission. Due to the spread of African Swine Fever in China, EU pork exports should be 20% above last year by the end of 2019.....
Billionaire Tim Draper's first job was selling apples for 5 cents—why it made him a capitalist
cnbc: woensdag 9 oktober 15:42 2019
Tim Draper — the billionaire venture capitalist who built his fortune by making early investments in Twitter, Skype, Tesla and SpaceX (to name a few) — says his first job as an apple picker drove him to capitalism. "When I was about 8 years old, my first job was picking apples.....
Italians note stronger demand for organic
fruitnet: woensdag 9 oktober 11:52 2019
D emand for organic fresh fruit and veg appears to be rising steadily but significantly in Italy, and Made in Nature, a project financed by the EU and some of Italy's leading producers, is seeking to capitalise on that growing demand both at home and across the European market.....
Optimism over Envy crop
fruitnet: dinsdag 8 oktober 10:37 2019
E nvy apples, the New Zealand-born varietal with year-round production in the US, Chile, Europe and New Zealand, is set to increase its 2019/2020 Washington-grown conventional volume by nearly 40 per cent versus last year, with organics growing by more than 50 per cent.....
Plant Quarantine Department comments on sending back export products from Russia to Kyrgyzstan
ca-news: dinsdag 8 oktober 09:19 2019
AKIPRESS.COM - Reports about Russia's not allowing import of products from Kyrgyzstan are appearing online lately, but no official letters about such cases were sent to the Department of Plant Quarantine of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan, said Director of the Department Ilich Marsbek uulu.....
Launch of Cosmic Crisp could revitalize premium apple industry
upi: dinsdag 8 oktober 09:16 2019
The apple's acidity makes it slower to brown when sliced, which makes it a good apple for cooking or eating raw, she said. The apple's official name is WA 38, but focus groups brainstormed the name "Cosmic Crisp" after observing how the apple's white lenticels, or pores, contrasted with its deep-red skin and "look like the night sky," Grandy said.....
Mexico’s produce sector looks to organic for growth
organicwellnessnews: dinsdag 8 oktober 08:16 2019
Organic fresh produce is playing an increasingly important role for Mexican fruit and vegetable exporters, thanks to high demand in export markets, according to exhibitors at the recent Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Mexico event held in León, Mexico.....
No Takers For Propaganda – OpEd
eurasiareview: dinsdag 8 oktober 07:52 2019
By Farooq Wani The Pakistani premier, Imran Khan, went to New York to participate in the proceedings of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) with a single point agenda of spreading anti-India sentiments. He kept haranguing on the decision of his neighbouring to reorganise the state of Jammu........
Editorial: New Developments in Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Tree Fruit Crops
frontiersin: dinsdag 8 oktober 06:27 2019
Because of increased pressure coming from emerging diseases, climate change, growing human population, and decreasing area for agricultural use crops ( ), the need for development of woody fruit crops (WFCs) with improved traits that fit principles of sustainable production is bigger than ever.....