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NZ now forecasting smaller apple crop than 2018 due to “unusual growing season”, says T&G
freshfruitportal: donderdag 23 mei 07:21 2019
While the initial forecast for New Zealand’s apple season predicted the total crop would see a modest increase over 2018’s, atypical growing conditions have affected this year’s harvest, says T&G Global Limited. Rachel Stotter, director of international sales, explains: “That increase hasn’t........
Washington cherries from Rainier Fruit – The taste of summer from the premium supplier
freshfruitportal: donderdag 23 mei 07:21 2019
PRESS RELEASE. (Selah, Washington) – Northwestern Washington is known for not only its apples and pears, but also its renowned cherries. The prime growing conditions of Washington State create the perfect plump, juicy, and flavor-packed cherries enjoyed around the world and Rainier Fruit has long........
Kazakhstan lifts ban on export of potato, apples, persimmons by Kyrgyzstan
ca-news: donderdag 23 mei 06:20 2019
AKIPRESS.COM - Kazakhstan has lifted temporary quarantine phytosanitary measures for export of food and seed potato, apples, persimmons by Kyrgyzstan since May 22... All rights reserved. © AKIpress News Agency - 2001-2019. Republication of any material is prohibited without a written agreement with AKIpress News Agency.....
Mexican apple tariff repeal to boost Washington’s export season ending
freshfruitportal: woensdag 22 mei 19:24 2019
The Washington Apple Commission (WAC) says that Mexico’s lifting of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. apples will improve the state’s exports during the last few months of the current deal and also sets up a successful 2019-20 campaign. Mexico announced the move on Monday after the U.S.....
Kazakhstan lifts restrictions on import of fruit, vegetables from Kyrgyzstan
24-kg-en: woensdag 22 mei 16:26 2019
Kazakhstan lifted temporary quarantine phytosanitary measures in form of a ban on the import of food and seed potatoes, apples and persimmons from the territory of Kyrgyzstan into Kazakhstan. Press service of the Ministry of Agriculture reported. According to the ministry, the decision was made........
Apples in Charts: Honeycrisp, the queen of the U.S. market
freshfruitportal: woensdag 22 mei 07:22 2019
Historic weekly prices (USD/KG) of apples in the U.S. market. Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here) But in the panorama of apples in the U.S., there is one variety that has stood out from the others – Honeycrisp. This queen of the U.S.....
Fruits for all seasons
thedailystarBD: maandag 20 mei 20:07 2019
What if the fruit you love is available in the market not only for a few months, but throughout the whole year? And what if this very fruit does not need to be imported but is grown locally and sold at a street cart in your neighbourhood? That is the goal of the Year-Round Fruit Production for........
Mexico lifts tariffs on U.S. apples
freshfruitportal: maandag 20 mei 19:24 2019
The Mexican government has lifted tariffs of 20% that it had imposed on U.S. apples nearly a year ago, after the U.S. Administration announced on Friday that it would eliminate duties on Mexican and Canadian steel and aluminum imports. Mexico’s Office for Economic Affairs announced the move on Monday morning, in what will be a major boost to the U.....
Overcharging on perishable items goes unabated
thenews-pk: maandag 20 mei 04:58 2019
LAHORE: Almost half of the holy month of Ramazan has passed but the government has completely failed to control inflation on the essential kitchen items and fruits and vegetables as the rates of some basic vegetables again increased this week. The government is busy in cosmetic arrangements which further created distortions in the open markets.....
Ahead of polls, weather, unpaid dues haunt Himachal apple farmers
expressindia: zondag 19 mei 03:05 2019
Moti Ram, who manages the orchards spread across around 200 bighas, says, “There was a hailstorm on April 18. The frost that followed has done immense damage to the apples.” (Representational Image) Cold winds blow from snow-covered mountains facing Thanedhar, a village in Kotgarh area in Himachal Pradesh’s apple belt.....
Rahul Gandhi mounts a turnaround, but can he stop the Modi juggernaut?
business-standard: zaterdag 18 mei 07:10 2019
Five years ago, Rahul Gandhi, scion of one of the world’s most famous political dynasties, stood with his mother by his side, trying to explain why his Indian National Congress had suffered the worst defeat in its history. Rival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had won a landslide and crowned Narendra Modi prime minister.....
Kazakhstan’s Almaty Prides Itself as Ancestral Home of Apples
laht: zaterdag 18 mei 06:10 2019
ALMATY, Kazakhstan – Springtime takes on a special meaning along the foothills of the Alatau mountains surrounding the southern Kazakh metropolis of Almaty, a region identified by botanists as the ancestral home of apples and at this time of year, the scene of spectacular efflorescence.....
Los participantes del Tour de Fresh comparten por qué apoyan la causa Tour de Fresh, presentado por The California Giant Foundation, celebra el sexto año en que empresas de productos frescos se unen para recorrer más de 300 millas (482 km) durante cuatro días en beneficio de la iniciativa Salad Bars to Schools. Desde el inicio del Tour de Fresh en 2014, la organización…
freshplaza: vrijdag 17 mei 15:03 2019
Tour de Fresh, presentado por The California Giant Foundation, celebra el sexto año en que empresas de productos frescos se unen para recorrer más de 300 millas (482 km) durante cuatro días en beneficio de la iniciativa Salad Bars to Schools. Desde el inicio del Tour de Fresh en 2014, la........
Chinese Consumers Shocked by 78 Percent Price Hike on Fruits
theepochtimes: vrijdag 17 mei 11:35 2019
Recently, an expert from the non-profit organization Chinese Nutrition Society posted an article which suggested that every adult should eat one pound of vegetables and a half pound of fruits every day. In the comment section of the article, many Chinese netizens posted the same feedback: “We cannot afford it.....
Fruit prices double in Ramadan
thedailystarBD: donderdag 16 mei 21:42 2019
Fruits, both imported and locally-produced, are pinching consumers’ pockets harder in Dhaka with their prices rising by up to 100 percent since the beginning of Ramadan on May 6. Imported fruits, including apple, grape, malta, pear, date and pomegranate, are consumed in urban areas and the demand........
Bridging the demand gap in horticulture
risingkashmir: donderdag 16 mei 21:15 2019
Danyal Momin Qureshialong with his partner Qaisar Shahid run a successful unit - Greenway Enterprises at Khanmoh Industrial Estate wherein they make corrugated boxes mainly for packaging of apples. The unit has a production capacity of around 10 lakh boxes per year and has a turnover of around Rs 2 crore.....