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Overcharging continues in Ramazan bazaars
thenews-pk: maandag 27 mei 03:41 2019
LAHORE: The government’s poor governance has badly exposed as it has completely failed to control price hike even in special Ramazan bazaars. The government authorities failed in implementing the official price list daily issued by the market committee with duly sign of the deputy commissioner concerned.....
Overcharging continues at city markets
nation: zondag 26 mei 23:00 2019
LAHORE - Profiteers continued selling fruits and vegetables on higher rates even after the district administration imposed fine of hundreds of thousands of rupees and arrested dozens of them. Citizens on Sunday expressed their disappointment with the government’s inability to control high prices of essential commodities at the open markets.....
Fruit prices to stabilize or fall as supplies grow
globaltimes: zondag 26 mei 16:41 2019
Surging fruit prices have become a hot issue in China, but analysts said the situation just reflects seasonal factors and prices will stabilize or even drop as supplies improve. Fruit prices went up 11.9 percent year-on-year in April, contributing to the 2.....
Taiwan assists stabilization and increase of banana production in Saint Lucia
thevoiceslu: zaterdag 25 mei 20:48 2019
The Taiwan Technical Mission, in cooperation with Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives held “Banana Plants Preparation” workshops in Deglos, La Caye, Grace, Roseau, Woodland and Micoud on April 11th, 18th, 25th and on May 2nd, 9th, and 16th, 2019.....
Brunch review: Ozone, Grey Lynn
nzherald: zaterdag 25 mei 04:56 2019
Ph. : (09) 360 8125. Hours. : 7am-9.30pm Mon-Tues, 7am-10pm Weds-Fri, 8am-10pm Sat, 8am-9.30pm Sunday. Score. : 3.5. We paid. : $66 for two. Set up and site: Unless you're a local, the likelihood of a U-turn being involved in your drive to Ozone is high.....
Samoa appeals for banana growers to follow regulations, as exports resume
rnzi: zaterdag 25 mei 01:13 2019
Samoan banana exports to New Zealand have resumed after a slip-up earlier this year. The first shipment of Samoan bananas in nearly 50 years arrived in New Zealand last October. The government had hoped to send a bunch more exports, as a way to inject money into the industry there.....
Indian state of Maharashtra to have new agri product export policy
foodmate: vrijdag 24 mei 21:41 2019
The Maharashtra state government has appointed a committee under the State Agriculture Commissioner, that was tasked to draft a new agriculture export policy. The state already leads in export of grapes, pomegranates and onions and the policy will focus on multiplying export of bananas, vegetables and rice.....
Philippines’ growers want lower tariff on banana exports to Japan
foodmate: vrijdag 24 mei 08:55 2019
Core Tip: The Philipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) called on President Duterte to work for the reduction or elimination of the hefty tariff rates on Cavendish bananas to Japan during his visit to that country later this month. The Philipino Banana Growers and Exporters........
Economy grows 1.5% in March quarter
jamaica-gleaner: vrijdag 24 mei 08:09 2019
The mining and quarrying industry contributed the lion’s share of the 1.9 per cent expansion in the Jamaican economy during fiscal year 2018-19, having growth by 28.5 per cent, driven mainly by production at the Alpart alumina plant in St Elizabeth, according to the Planning Institute of Jamaica, PIOJ.....
Toxins, Vol. 11, Pages 289: Effects of Different Carbon Sources on Fumonisin Production and FUM Gene Expression by Fusarium proliferatum
mdpi: woensdag 22 mei 13:24 2019
Abstract Fusarium proliferatum can infect many crops and then produce fumonisins that are very harmful to humans and animals. Previous study indicates that carbon sources play important roles in regulating the fumonisin biosynthesis. Unfortunately, there is limited information on the effects of........
Biodiversity: Key to human health and food security
phnompenhpost: woensdag 22 mei 05:40 2019
Our health depends on the food we eat, while our continuing supply of food relies on biodiversity and ecosystem services. As the world on Wednesday observes the International Day for Biological Diversity with the theme Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health, the Asean Centre for Biodiversity would........
Break-the-fast with Indonesian food at these three restaurants
JakartaPost: dinsdag 21 mei 08:47 2019
Nothing beats the comfort of Indonesian food for iftar (breaking-the-fast meal). Usually cooked with various spices, Indonesian food is packed with flavor, making it a rewarding meal after a long day of fasting. Although there are many restaurants offering special menus for Ramadan, not all are serving Indonesian dishes.....
Angolan development turns Benguela province into investment magnet
clubofmozambique: dinsdag 21 mei 08:23 2019
With a rebuilt railroad, a port and a new airport, the province of Benguela – one of Angola’s trading powerhouses – has been reborn, bringing with it booming businesses and a flood of investment opportunities. Benguela province is home to Angola’s second-largest industrial park and a long coastline,........
Counting the gains and pains of Ogeh’s many agric policies
dailytrust: dinsdag 21 mei 04:31 2019
The programme was designed and financed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through a fraction of the N220 billion Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Fund at a single-digit of 9% (nine percent) interest rate loan to farmers. Anchor Borrowers’ Programme doing the magic.....
Four ways to an eco-friendly period
thehindu: maandag 20 mei 15:00 2019
STs stuffed into black bags, cramps, mood swings, the whole disposal process — suffice to say, periods are a pain. Besides the physical discomfort, these also have layers of plastic that are non-biodegradable. “The chemicals in regular pads can react with the sweat and cause infections and rashes.....
Expert panel to consolidate Maharashtra's export position
foodmate: maandag 20 mei 09:15 2019
Maharashtra currently accounts for more than 50% of the country's agriculture exports. The state exports 60-70% of the fruits, vegetables and cereals annually. In a bid to consolidate its position as a leader in agriculture exports, the state government will soon formulate its own policy.....