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Pudong celebrating with a splash of color
shanghaidaily: maandag 16 september 03:21 2019
FOUR large floral displays in the Pudong New Area will add color to the upcoming National Day holiday and the second China International Import Expo in November. A flower landscape in Lujiazui will be themed on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.....
Pollination and resource limitation as interacting constraints on almond fruit set
wiley-plantbio: zondag 15 september 13:00 2019
1.Pollination and resource availability are factors determining reproductive success of plants, and in agriculture these factors influence yield of fruit‐bearing crops. Our understanding of the importance of crop pollination is fast improving, but less is known about how the interaction between pollination and resources constrains fruit production.....
Chrysanthemun thrives in Amarapura
globalnewlightofmyanmar: zondag 15 september 12:29 2019
Chrysanthemun plantation. Photo: Than Zaw Min (IPRD) FLOWER growers earn a daily income by growing Chrysanthemun in a village in Amarapura Township in Mandalay Region. They grow Chrysanthemun on a commercial scale with irrigation water and tube wells. “I have been growing flowers for more than 10 years.....
New Brexit deal welcomed by South Africans
fruitnet: vrijdag 13 september 17:46 2019
A new agreement between six southern African nations and the UK has brought certainty and a legal framework to trade, in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal. South Africa’s trade and industry minister Ebrahim Patel announced this week that South Africa, along with five other countries........
New home as autumn flower show upoots fom Harrogate
YorkshirePost: vrijdag 13 september 01:10 2019
For the best part of a century it has come and gone with the seasons, but Harrogate’s annual celebration of the end of the gardening year is about to be uprooted. The autumn flower show, famous for its giant vegetable competition and in particular its onions the size of spacehoppers, is scattering........
Special Issue: Cannabis
calag: donderdag 12 september 20:08 2019
In 1953, amid reports that cannabis was growing around San Mateo County, the local sheriff's office and the UC Agricultural Extension Service in Half Moon Bay issued a booklet entitled Identify and Report Marihuana. The booklet envisioned “total eradication” of cannabis.....
Kerala set to celebrate Onam in aftermath of floods; police maintains tight vigil after receiving information on possible terror attack
firstpost: dinsdag 10 september 20:51 2019
As Kerala gets into the festive mood, police are maintaining tight vigil with the army receiving information that there may be a terror attack in southern parts of the country. Unmindful of all this, at her ancestral house in Pandalam in Pathanamthitta district, retired government employee Susheela........
Zhanao Deng
hortsci: dinsdag 10 september 17:13 2019
Gerbera ( Gerbera hybrida ) is an important floricultural crop in the United States and worldwide. Powdery mildew (PM) caused by Podosphaera xanthii is the most common and destructive disease in gerbera production and landscape use. Gerbera breeding line UFGE 31-19 is one of the few sources of........
Onam festival 2019: Resilient Kerala gets into festive mood to celebrate Thiruonam
financialexpress: dinsdag 10 september 09:15 2019
A security alert notwithstanding, it is Onam time again and Keralites are getting ready to celebrate the biggest festival of the state putting behind the havoc wrought by two consecutive floods. As Kerala gets into the festive mood, police are maintaining tight vigil with the army receiving........
Dip in production of loose flowers in Maha
timesofindia: dinsdag 10 september 01:53 2019
PUNE: The agriculture ministry’s data reveals that the production of loose flowers in the state has declined over the past few years. The flowers — marigold, tuberose, lily, and chrysanthemum — are used on festive occasions. The ministry’s third advance estimates, released recently, reveal that the........