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First report of Thrips setosus in Belgium
wiley-EPPOb: woensdag 24 juli 04:51 2019
The Japanese flower thrips, Thrips setosus , is a polyphagous insect which in Europe has mainly been observed on hydrangeas ( Hydrangea spp.). The first report of T. setosus in the EPPO region was in the Netherlands (2014). Since then it has been observed in four other countries inside the EPPO........
Catherine Fernandez
wiley-eae: dinsdag 23 juli 08:22 2019
The Mediterranean region is recognized as a global biodiversity hotspot. However, over the last decades, the cessation of traditional farming in the north part of the Mediterranean basin has given way to strong afforestation leading to occurrence of abandoned agricultural lands colonized by pioneer expansionist species like Pinus halepensis .....
Baba Eco opens higher at 16 sen on LEAP Market
thesundaily: maandag 22 juli 07:25 2019
PETALING JAYA: Baba Eco Group Bhd made its debut on the LEAP Market this morning at 16 sen, representing a 23% premium over its offer price of 13 sen. At midday, the stock was at 16 sen with 130,500 shares traded. Under the listing exercise, Baba Eco raised RM3.58 million via placement of 27.....
Suspected kidnapper actually the father
thedailystarBD: maandag 22 juli 00:55 2019
The man who was killed by a mob in Narayanganj on Saturday on suspicion of being a child kidnapper was actually the speech-impaired father of the child, said his brother. Meanwhile, an unidentified youth was beaten by a mob yesterday morning in Tangail, while a man, who was beaten up on Thursday........
Instagram Heaven: These are our favorite pick-your-own flower farms in Massachusetts
masslive: donderdag 18 juli 21:35 2019
Massachusetts offers tons of places to pick your own blueberries, strawberries and apples, but did you know there are a number of spots where you can cut your own flowers? Here, we give you the rundown on nine of our favorite pick-your-own flower farms throughout the state, from the North Shore to Western Mass.....
Angela M. Walczyk
wiley-ajb: donderdag 18 juli 14:58 2019
Premise. Although polyploidy commonly occurs in angiosperms, not all polyploidization events lead to successful lineages, and environmental conditions could influence cytotype dynamics and polyploid success. Low soil nitrogen and/or phosphorus concentrations often limit ecosystem primary........
How will the Growth Unfold for Hibiscus Flower Powder Market Leaders: Bio Organic, Herbeno Herbals, The Republic of Tea, Traditional Medicinals, bio Actives, Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.
openpr: donderdag 18 juli 14:37 2019
Market Outlook Hibiscus flowers are obtained from a flowering plant that is natively grown in the tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate regions of the world. Some species of hibiscus flowers are also known to grow in freezing environments. In countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, and India,........
Agronomy, Vol. 9, Pages 395: Exogenous ABA Induces Osmotic Adjustment, Improves Leaf Water Relations and Water Use Efficiency, But Not Yield in Soybean under Water Stress
mdpi: donderdag 18 juli 08:33 2019
Abstract Abscisic acid (ABA) plays a central role in the plant response to water deficit by inducing stomatal closure to conserve water when the soil dries. Exogenous ABA was applied at 45 days after sowing (DAS) as a soil drench, the physiological and seed yield response of soybean to exogenous ABA were examined as the soil was drying.....
Challenges of specialty cut flowers
farmanddairy: donderdag 18 juli 07:11 2019
ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Across the United States and Canada, demand for local specialty cut flowers is increasing, and production has correspondingly jumped. To accurately assess the needs of the industry, John Dole, Cristian Loyola and Rebecca Dunning electronically surveyed 1098 cut flower producers and........
Mark D. Rausher
wiley-eae: woensdag 17 juli 12:50 2019
The frequent transition from outcrossing to selfing in flowering plants is often accompanied by changes in multiple aspects of floral morphology, termed the “selfing syndrome.” While the repeated evolution of these changes suggests a role for natural selection, genetic drift may also be responsible.....