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CBD lunches for under $10 |
foreignaffairs-nz: woensdag 24 juli 07:24 2019
It’s 11.30am, you’re sitting in a meeting, and all you can think about is lunch. You should have made your own, but who has time for that? You had sushi rolls yesterday and the day before. Where to go? What to eat?Not to worry, these city spots offer great lunch options for $10 or less.....
Chipotle earnings delivered, but its stock is starting to look like a high-priced menu item
cnbc: woensdag 24 juli 02:12 2019
was back even before its big Tuesday earnings beat, but its stock has been on such a hot streak it may be entering high-priced menu territory. The fast-casual restaurant company, laid low for years after a series of foodborne illness issues, is up more than 71% in 2019.....
U.S. Florida Tomato Exchange says newly proposed Mexico deal “good starting point”
freshfruitportal: woensdag 24 juli 00:51 2019
The Florida Tomato Exchange has welcomed efforts by the U.S. Department of Commerce to construct a new Tomato Suspension Agreement with Mexico. Commerce said it has been working diligently in consultation with interested parties, including representatives of the Mexican and U.S.....
Uganda’s current account deficit rises, to exceed $3b
EastAfrican: dinsdag 23 juli 13:35 2019
Century Bottling Company Ltd, the local producers of Coke products for example, installed a $10 million mineral water production line imported from Germany last year while Cipla Quality Chemicals Ltd is executing a $7 million expansion programme that includes a new $2 million drug testing laboratory and a warehouse.....
PhD position
iobc-wprs: dinsdag 23 juli 09:34 2019
in Montpellier (France) A PhD position is available in Montpellier (France) on a project entitled "Characterization of molecular and biological determinants of the invasion of tomato yellow leaf curl virus recombinants in Ty-1 resistant tomato plants" The project will be supervised by Michel........
Veg prices go up in city amid flood
daily-sun: maandag 22 juli 20:37 2019
Prices of vegetables have gone up abruptly in the city in the wake of flash flood in some parts of the country. Prices of onion, green chilli, tomato have soared in the capital over the last few days while the traders are forecasting further rise in the prices if the flood affects new areas.....
Tomato price rise: Take action against hoarders, Delhi govt to officials
business-standard: maandag 22 juli 19:27 2019
To check rising tomato prices, the Delhi government on Monday directed agencies to take effective action against hoarding in the city. Prices of tomatoes in recent days increased from Rs 40-Rs 50 to nearly Rs 90 a kg in the national capital. Food and Civil Supplies Minister Imran Hussain held a........
Mexico-U.S. relation: It's time for dialogue and cooperation
eluniversal-MX: maandag 22 juli 16:55 2019
It's been 45 days since the U.S. government demanded that Mexico reduced the migration influx , who travel through Mexico in hopes of arriving in the U.S. In case the number of migrants in the border did not decrease, the U.S. would retaliate against Mexico by implementing tariffs on Mexican imports.....
Sûreté du Québec suspends aerial search for missing businessman, son
montrealgazette: maandag 22 juli 15:14 2019
The Sûreté du Québec has suspended its aerial search for businessman Stéphane Roy and his 14-year-old son, both of them missing since contact was lost with their helicopter as it flew in the northern Laurentians on July 10. The search for Roy, founder of the Serres Sagami tomato production company,........
Soil-dwelling worms threatening farmers’ livelihoods
plantwise: maandag 22 juli 13:22 2019
David Magondo, a father of three from Central Kenya, has been farming for over 35 years in an activity that has helped him feed and take care of his family. But the once dependable source of income and livelihood for the 57-year-old farmer is now a nightmare due to the soil-dwelling parasitic worms that render less productive.....
Newly Discovered Biosynthetic Pathway in Bacteria Recipe for Drug Discovery and Production
labmanager: maandag 22 juli 06:30 2019
Shown here are two photos sets of tomato plant leaves, the top set of leaves have no pseudomonas infection and the bottom set of leaves have pseudomonas infection. Credit: Chi P. Ting Microbes are master chefs of the biomolecular world; collectively, they harbor the ability to produce a vast array........
Fresh vegetables are becoming scarcer in Kathmandu Valley
ekantipur: maandag 22 juli 04:37 2019
Fresh vegetables are becoming scarcer in the Kathmandu Valley, causing prices to soar over the weekend, following monsoon-induced floods and landslides in major vegetable producing areas. Vegetable traders said average wholesale prices had jumped 20 percent, and may continue to rise if supply did not improve immediately.....
Agnieszka Sękara
degruyter: maandag 22 juli 04:36 2019
The Effect of Plant Pruning on the Light Conditions and Vegetative Development of Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.) in Greenhouse Cultivation. The aim of the present investigations was to find the relations between pruning methods and chosen parameters of vegetative eggplant development in greenhouse conditions.....
Prices Of Tomatoes, Yam, Rice Decrease In June – NBS Report
channelstv: maandag 22 juli 04:28 2019
File photo. The average price of major food items such as tomatoes, yam, and rice reduced in the month of June. This is according to the ‘Selected Food Price Watch (June 2019)’ report published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The report revealed that the average price of one kilogramme of tomatoes reduced from N317.....
Senate Will Ensure Improved Railway Service, Says Lawan
channelstv: maandag 22 juli 04:28 2019
President of the Senate, Senator Ahmed Lawan, says the 9th Senate is committed to tackling the challenges of dilapidated road infrastructure across the country. According to him, the lawmakers will continue to emphasise the need for a functional railway service to ease the burden of transportation on Nigerians.....
Many vegetables, fruits not sold in makeshift markets
thenews-pk: maandag 22 juli 03:29 2019
LAHORE : The prices of all seasonal vegetables and fruits were increased this week besides the open overcharging by the sellers in the absences of any check by the government authorities even in the weekly makeshift markets of the City. This week again majority of seasonal vegetables, including........
Vegetables becoming dearer
thedailystarBD: zondag 21 juli 20:56 2019
Prices of vegetables soar in the capital’s kitchen markets since the flood began and destroyed around 15,000 hectares of crops across the country. The photo was taken yesterday at Karwan Bazar kitchen market. Photo: Rashed Shumon and Shaheen Mollah Spices and vegetables have become significantly........
Delhi: Tomato prices surge up to Rs 80 per kg as monsoon disrupts supply
business-standard: zondag 21 juli 10:58 2019
Tomato prices in the retail markets of Delhi have shot up to Rs 60-80 per kg following incessant rains and flood-like situation in key supplier states across the country. In most retail stores and vegetable markets across the city, prices of tomato have gone up to Rs 80 per kilo against the usual rate of around Rs 20-30 per kilo.....
Pending bills, rising prices take a toll on mid-day meal scheme
thehindu: zaterdag 20 juli 23:01 2019
Nav Prayas, an NGO that prepares mid-day meal for more than 20,000 children in various schools in the district, is currently procuring groceries on credit due to delay in release of bills by the government. The organisation has given a letter to the district authorities notifying that they would not........
AHDB Horticulture : UK outbreak of Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus
4-traders: zaterdag 20 juli 21:49 2019
Symptoms of the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) have been reported for the first time in a UK tomato crop. Confirmed by laboratory testing, the outbreak has been reported to the Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate (PHSI). The affected glasshouse has taken the necessary steps to eradicate the virus and has destroyed their crop.....
Colombian Tomato Tree Excites UN Security Council
laht: zaterdag 20 juli 06:19 2019
UNITED NATIONS – Members of the United Nations Security Council have praised the taste of tamarillo fruits grown by FARC ex-combatants after a visit to Colombia. Vasili Nebenzia, representative of Russia to the UN, showed interest in importing the fruit to their country and encouraged the European Union to do so too.....
Department of Consumer Affairs directs Mother Dairy to sell tomatoes at 40 Rs per kg through all its outlets
uniindia: zaterdag 20 juli 04:30 2019
Moscow should ensure Tehran respects rights of Russians on board seized tanker - Lawmaker Death toll rises to 10 from Henan's gas factory blast Hunt warns Iran of consequences if situation involving seized tanker not resolved quickly Russia calls for resuming military dialogue with NATO Namibia........
As tomato price soars, Safal to sell it at ₹40/kg
thehindu: vrijdag 19 juli 22:55 2019
With monsoon disrupting the supply of tomatoes to the Capital, the Centre has directed government-owned Mother Dairy to curb price rise by increasing its availability and selling the vegetable for ₹40 per kg at its own Safal shops. Tomato price has doubled over the last week in the NCR, now selling for at least ₹60-₹80 per kg in most city markets.....
MIL-OSI United Kingdom: Reflections on the Security Council visit to Colombia
foreignaffairs-nz: vrijdag 19 juli 20:36 2019
Briefing by Ambassador Jonathan Allen, UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, at the Security Council briefing on the Security Council visit to Colombia. Thank you very much, Mr President. Let me continue where you left off with Day Two of the visit to the Security Council.....
Vegetable prices soar in Punjab, Haryana after rains; tomato selling at Rs 60-70 per kg
business-standard: vrijdag 19 juli 19:23 2019
Prices of vegetables such as tomato, peas and beans have surged sharply over the last one week in Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh owing to supply crunch caused by heavy rains in the region. Retail price of tomato has almost doubled from Rs 30-40 per kg to Rs 60-70 per kg, while that of peas have........
Mother Dairy to sell tomatoes at Rs 40/kg in Delhi to contain price rise
business-standard: vrijdag 19 juli 16:21 2019
In a bid to check rising tomato prices in the national capital, the Centre Friday asked state-owned Mother Dairy to boost its availability and sell the key kitchen staple at Rs 40 per kg. The Delhi government has also been asked to "exhort traders and logistic providers to increase the supply of........
Thailand- Lao market may need to import more fruits & vegetables
myanmarnews: vrijdag 19 juli 14:48 2019
Market authorities have said that the Aussie Lao local fresh market, which is one of the largest markets in Vientiane, may have to sell more imported products. In 2018, the market imported 15 percent of the product, mostly from Thailand and Vietnam. Most of the imported products were tomatoes,........
Bayer : Syngenta profits hit by U.S./China trade wars, bad weather
4-traders: vrijdag 19 juli 13:35 2019
ZURICH (Reuters) - Agricultural chemical maker Syngenta on Friday reported a 34% fall in first-half net income, showing the impact of U.S. trade disputes with China and Mexico as well as bad weather in some of its markets. Basel-based Syngenta was bought in 2017 by state-owned ChemChina for $43 billion (34.....
Dissipation of Fomesafen in Fumigated, Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation‐Treated, and Organic‐Amended Soil in Florida Tomato Production Systems
wiley-pms: vrijdag 19 juli 10:12 2019
Background. Fumigated, anaerobic soil disinfestaion‐treated (ASD), and organic‐amended soil management strategies have been investigated as potential methyl bromide (MBr) alternatives for controlling diseases, nematodes, and weeds in soil. Nutsedge and broadleaf weed control using fomesafen has been........
Road transport fare inched up in June — NBS
vanguardngr: vrijdag 19 juli 05:35 2019
By Elizabeth Adegbesan. Road transport: The average fare paid by passengers for bus journey within city rose slightly by 0.26 percent month-on-month (MoM) to N182.84 in June 2019 from N182.37 in May 2019. Road transport. National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) disclosed this in its Transport Fare Watch........
Supply shortage raises veggie prices in wholesale markets in Mumbai, Delhi
business-standard: donderdag 18 juli 23:19 2019
Vegetables prices in Mumbai and Delhi wholesale markets increased in July after supply fell because of poor rainfall in western India and floods in Bihar and the north-east. Hybrid tomato in the Mumbai wholesale market was selling at Rs 18 a kg on Wednesday--a 50 per cent rise from early this month.....
Genes, Vol. 10, Pages 549: Characterization of Solanum melongena Thioesterases Related to Tomato Methylketone Synthase 2
mdpi: donderdag 18 juli 17:38 2019
Abstract 2-Methylketones are involved in plant defense and fragrance and have industrial applications as flavor additives and for biofuel production. We isolated three genes from the crop plant Solanum melongena (eggplant) and investigated these as candidates for methylketone production.....
Lao may need to import more fruits, vegetables: market authorities
xinhuanet_en: donderdag 18 juli 12:37 2019
VIENTIANE, July 18 (Xinhua) -- The Aussie Lao local fresh market, which is one of the largest markets in Vientiane, may have to sell more imported products, local daily Vientiane Times quoted market authorities as saying on Thursday. In 2018, the market imported 15 percent of the product, mostly from Thailand and Vietnam.....
OMAFRA invests in ag research
farms: donderdag 18 juli 05:45 2019
The University of Guelph will study possible solutions to crop issues. By Staff Writer The provincial government is investing more than $1 million to help researchers find solutions to crop challenges affecting Ontario producers. Yesterday, OMAFRA announced $1.....
READIES MEALS Make the family quick and great-value meals with Mrs Crunch's tasty recipes
thesun: woensdag 17 juli 23:08 2019
Dish up Morrisons V Taste six meat-free burgers, £1.50 or two for £2.50, with Morrisons garlic and herb potato wedges, 750g, down from £1 to 92p. Tuck into a Tesco stonebaked margherita or pepperoni pizza for half price, down from £3.60 to £1.80. For a speedy supper, add some noodles and veg to........
Maharashtra: Tomato prices spike as supplies dry up
financialexpress: woensdag 17 juli 22:06 2019
Retail tomato prices in Maharashtra have risen to Rs 50-60 per kg due to short supplies in the market. Industry experts attribute the price spike to drought conditions in the state, highlighting farmers have not planted enough tomato due to lack of water.....
How Putin’s tough love turned Erdogan against the West
thetimes: woensdag 17 juli 18:10 2019
The state of relations between President Erdogan and the leader of Russia had never really crossed Kemal Yilmaz’s mind until his business collapsed. Before 2015 Mr Yilmaz, a tomato grower from Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, had been exporting about a third of his crop to Russia.....